A virtual office metaverse where a girl is pseaking to an avatar in this remote workspace.

The workplace where remote teams thrive.

AI-powered virtual workspace with meeting analytics, and tools for effective, smart teamwork.


Gain visibility,
stop isolation.

Reap the benefits of remote work without feeling isolated. Enjoy the office-like social interactions you miss and stay connected with your team.

Bring back spontaneous conversations
Find your coworkers in the workverse
Build team cohesion remotely.
TRY A DEMOremote meeting on a virtual couch2 avatars having a meeting with spacial audioa team showing how many people can coordinate in the metaverse or remote Hq

Ditch the meeting,
just approach coworkers and talk.

Build Team cohesion
and unity while working remotely.

Gain team visibility
try our inclusive virtual HQ.

Not every conversation requires a meeting. We offer the casual and spontaneous conversations that you love in physical offices. Hop around and talk.

Build a safe, trusting environment for your team. Team building activities that require coordination were hard to perform online with the video call model of the past.

You feel present and no longer isolated when you see and interact with your team members in a virtual workspace. Tangli brings back the visibility you miss.

Brainstorming sessions.
Inclusive Employee Onboarding.
Virtual networking and launches.
Immersion through Spacial Audio.
Just talk, no booking of meetings.
Spontaneous conversations.
A 3D metaverse for collaboration.
Real-time team member visibility.
Support for multiple devices.
tangli screenshot of virtual meeting

Improve meetings
with AI insights

Save time with offline video messages
Review meetings with AI summaries
Improve meeting performance with AI

Don't waste time on unnecessary meetings, deploy our Bot to receive AI-generated meeting summaries and key decisions. Send offline video messages to free overbooked calendars.

meeting performance scorevideo message imageintegrating our bot inside zoom and meets

Eliminate 1/3 of meetings,
send offline video messages.

See meeting highlights
plus summaries and transcripts.

Improve performance,
with AI-powered analytics.

How do you update your team or keep in the loop without a live video conference? Enter asynchronous video messages: Record a video or screen on Tangli.

Don't lose focus by taking meeting notes and minutes. When you meet on tangli, our AI will capture the key decisions, action items, and discussion points.

Send updates, and status reports.
Group offline video conversations.
Training or Feedback sessions.
AI Minutes with action items.
Auto transcripts and notes.
Time-stamped key moments.
Recommendations for running meetings.
Feedback on meeting performance.
Personal communication coaching.

With insights into the content, effectiveness, and efficiency of meetings, we help teams identify areas for improvement and optimize their meeting practices.

A dashboard showing timeline of past meeting and ai summaries with scores

Find and review past meetings

Your meeting time machine: search past meetings by keywords, participants, and topics. Replay them and gain insights into your meeting's content and performance.

Go back in time, recall decisions and processes.
Search past meetings with powerful filters.
Add meetings held in zoom, teams, and meets.
meeting performance scoremeeting performance scorevideo message imageintegrating our bot inside zoom and meets

Review highlights,
with indicators of main events.

Search past meetings,
using our time machine queries.

Invite our AI assistant,
include meetings outside tangli.

We identify speakers and timestamp the moments of main events, so you don't have to replay the entire meeting.

We integrate with existing video calling solutions like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Search a database of past meetings and interactions using filters such as keywords, participants, and topics.

Replay meeting audio, view transcript
Time-stamped conversation events.
Quickly review meeting highlights
Smart filters for searching meetings
Repository for past interactions
Search by keywords and participants.
Skip a meeting and send your avatar.
Gain insights into external meetings.
End zoom and teams fatigue.
Alice, Ingrid, Vishal, James

GO-NO-GO: Release 2.2

The result of ai generated transcripts and meeting summaries with meeting analytics


Alice, James

UPDATE: Release 2.2

Clair, Ingrid, Vishal, Mike

GO-NO-GO: Release 2.2

Ingrid, Vishal

Catch-up: User XP

An asyncronous video message that people can record to send updates